You see a dead site. I don’t.

I see a blank slate.

My best days are not ribbon cuttings. I prefer the days when someone tells me a project is impossible.

Our landmark projects include:

  • Northwest Plaza
  • Northland Shopping Mall
  • Met Center job training facility
  • Wellston Early Childhood Center


Our real estate team is really good at seeing the possible, when others see only roadblocks and blight. We have tackled some of the most challenging sites in St. Louis, including the National Lead Site, the biggest environmental remediation in Missouri history.

Case Study – River City Casino. The National Lead site is now River City Casino. It took an act of Congress and more than a decade of hard work to get it done. It is now the biggest environmental remediation in Missouri history. AND, it is helping transform South County. So far, $8.8 million dollars in direct grants to community organizations in the Lemay community have come directly from rent payments by River City Casino, a direct result of the redevelopment. The new $14 million dollar Lemay Community & Aquatic Center will be complete in early 2015. (Watch a time lapse video of the construction.) It is another project that is a direct result of the National Lead Site redevelopment.

Real estate is as much about neighborhoods as it is buildings. Sometimes you only need one project to spark a revitalization. Others take years and scores of partners to make it to the finish line.

Either way … challenges don’t scare us. In fact, it’s our favorite part of the job.