Not-so-strange brewer wins STL Startup Challenge

Synek Draft Systems recently launched a Kickstarter campaign and blew through its crowdfunding goal by more than $100,000. Craft beer enthusiasts nationwide are stepping up to the tap … ahem … the plate, and investing in this beer lover’s dream come true. Dubbed ‘the Keurig of beer,’ Synek’s patent-pending cartridge is filled by a brewer and pressurized, maintaining freshness for much longer than a typical growler. Microbreweries universally love his product and have helped motivate their fans and fellow beer enthusiasts to invest in this company.


So how did he do it? Young says he talked to brewers, hearing the same struggles from each. And then he took action. Once he had a concept, Young applied for St. Louis Startup Challenge … and won! He took home $30,000 in no-strings-attached cash prizes and moved his startup to STLVentureWorks, a small business incubator.


Not only did he received complimentary office space for a year, the free PR helped Synek get the publicity it need to take the Kickstarter campaign viral. Today, Young is fine tuning the prototype of the Synek System. Stay tuned for launch dates!