Right Here In River City


This is a story about the wisdom of community. For decades, St. Louis has been the story of two cities. One, the city that time and commerce forgot. The other, the city its community knew it always was and would again become. While pundits and ignoble city lists — and indeed some St. Louisans — chided the city for its backwardness, its leaders and people continued to do what they’ve always done; believe.

What has happened in this last year is nothing short of a vindication, in large strokes, for St. Louisans’ belief that this city is a great city. St. Louis is being noticed nationally and globally.

It would be difficult to disagree that this year has been a turning point. It appears St. Louisans are right to believe. Fueled by that belief, St. Louis made it a year to be bold and innovative. It was the year St. Louis welcomed many new citizens from around the world, bringing with them new talent and vitality. And those new citizens said they love their new home.

It has been a year in which St. Louis could say:

Even with all that has happened, the transformation of St. Louis has only just started. Work has already begun to address some of the region’s biggest redevelopment challenges. St. Louis’ Northside redevelopment is set to bring profound change. The venerable Union Station is being reborn. And of course, the grounds of the iconic Gateway Arch will transform the way the city, park and riverfront are understood.

The wisdom of the St. Louis community is in trusting itself and believing in the abiding greatness of this city. As it turns out, that wisdom is correct.