German Seed Giant Puts Down Roots in St. Louis Region

Unlocking the secret life of seeds, that’s what German-based KWS plans for its new research hub at BRDG Park in Creve Coeur.

So why did they chose St. Louis over other biotech hubs throughout North America? There were bigger regions, deeper pockets and shorter plane rides to Germany. The seed giant chose St. Louis.

The competition was significant, which makes the choice of St. Louis equally significant. In this story on, we learn that:

KWS officials say the company chose the St. Louis County location over sites in Boston, the San Francisco Bay area and the Research Triangle Park (near Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill in North Carolina) because of a high concentration of bio science professionals, tax incentives and existing infrastructure.

It’s no secret to the robust bioscience community in St. Louis that important work is being done here. That’s a fact that is increasingly visible to the rest of the country. As I say in the above story:

It’s really a nod and a verification of what we’re saying St. Louis is for plant science. There are other companies out there in the marketplace looking for locations and they will see this as a real nod towards St. Louis.

The move is also a nod to the idea that economic growth is not merely driven by economic factors. St. Louis is, culturally, a world-class city and KWS leadership was keen to note that in their decision.


KWS leaders say they felt a connection to St. Louis. They arrived to learn about the incredible scientific strengths here. They discovered bike trails, great schools and interesting neighborhoods. Team leaders liked the way the whole region pulled together to win them over.

They came for the plant scientists. They stayed for everything else.