The Year in Review

Every great company starts with a new idea.

Is there a better way to rent cars? How about a smarter way to fill prescription bottles? St. Louis is a place where big ideas grow into great companies. We are the home to Edward Jones, Enterprise, Express Scripts and WorldWide Technology, to name a few. Our success is the result of trust and partnership. We strive to always look at the big picture.


And we always have. St. Louis has, of course, a rich history of innovation and leadership. We have good reason, as St. Louisans, to appreciate this rich heritage, and appreciate it we do. It’s also important for us to know that we can be proud of what we’re doing right now, some of which is completely new and unprecedented.

If we just use the last year as a barometer, we see that St. Louis’ value is not merely a question of nostalgia. We are a city of now. We are leading the way on new approaches to business, innovation and community enrichment. This isn’t your great-grandmother’s St. Louis.


The culture of St. Louis is attractive and vibrant. In their annual “Best of the Midwest” poll, AAA Traveler found St. Louis to be the best large city for a weekend getaway. St. Louisans know this; there is something to do every weekend here. The rest of the country is discovering it.

Part of our great culture is a commitment to improving the quality of life for everyone in our community. St. Louis has always been a community that cares. It’s that cultural spirit, in part, that led to Mayor Slay’s announcement of funding for housing development near MetroLink and MetroBus stops.

St. Louis’ great culture also helps fuel our economic consistency. All indicators suggest the St. Louis economy will continue to grow. We continue to invest in our economic vibrancy by seeking to fuel innovation and create new markets. We had a banner year for attracting venture capital. And we’re starting to become a destination for financial tech jobs; in fact, Forbes places St. Louis at number 5 on the list of big cities stealing jobs from Wall Street.

This past year has been transformational for St. Louis. We’re excited that it has coincided with the vision and leadership of St. Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley and Mayor Francis Slay in combining economic development teams to market St. Louis City and County as one. It’s something that had never been done before, and we are excited to be a part of this amazing city at this amazing time. We look forward to big days ahead.